RMS Saves NHS Trust £255k

Radiology Management Solutions (RMS) has saved an NHS Trust circa £255,000 in annual savings through the provision of innovative MRI scanning solutions.

RMS provided out-of-hours staffing in an existing radiology department, which eliminated the need for a costly mobile scanning unit, saving the Trust circa £250K per annum in mobile fees. The Trust successfully reduced In-patient and Out-patient waiting times, expedited cancer referrals as well as making a significant cost saving simply through increasing the number of scans performed per day.

RMS Business Owner and Director Michael Lancaster commented, “This substantial saving is just one example of how RMS can help Trusts make savings and work toward achieving CIP savings. We have various staffing solutions available now to assist Trusts through this particularly bad winter period, where waiting for a scan causes increased bed blocking”.

To enable Trusts to easily access their fully compliant radiology services, RMS has a Framework agreement in place through the Countess of Chester Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. RMS was at the forefront of this initiative by the Countess Of Chester and was a pathfinder supplier.

‘The RMS framework agreement by Countess of Chester CPS has meant cost-effective access for seventy-five NHS Trusts. Our teams now run radiology departments beyond the traditional working day, which enables Trusts to make significant savings, avoid unnecessary fines by reducing waiting lists and, ultimately, save money that can be reinvested in patient care,’ explained Lancaster.