RMS Delivers Outstanding Results in Recent NHS Trust Customer Survey

Specialist ultrasound scans

RMS, a leading provider of diagnostic imaging solutions for the NHS, recently conducted a comprehensive survey among its NHS Trust customers to gauge their satisfaction levels and overall experience with the company’s services.

The results of the survey are in, and they speak volumes about the exceptional quality and reliability that RMS consistently delivers. With an impressive 91% of respondents expressing their likelihood to choose RMS for their next outsourced diagnostic imaging contract, and 90% rating RMS radiographers as good or excellent, the survey reinforces RMS’s reputation as a trusted partner in the healthcare sector.

Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction

The survey’s key highlight is the overwhelming vote of confidence expressed by RMS’s customers. An astounding 91% of respondents stated that they are highly likely or likely to use RMS’s services for their next outsourced diagnostic imaging contract.

This remarkable statistic underscores the high level of trust and satisfaction that NHS Trusts place in RMS. With a decade of industry experience and a solid track record of maintaining long-term contracts and partnerships, RMS has established itself as a reliable and preferred provider for diagnostic imaging staffing and solutions.

Additionally, 90% of respondents rated RMS radiographers as good or excellent – testament to the professionalism, expertise, and dedication displayed by RMS’s radiographers and clinical support workers in delivering exceptional patient care.

Net Promoter Score (NPS)

A significant metric used to gauge customer satisfaction and loyalty is the Net Promoter Score and we’re pleased to report that RMS achieved an impressive NPS of 36, falling within the ‘great’ range. The NPS is widely recognised as the industry standard for measuring a company’s ability to generate positive word-of-mouth referrals.

When asked about the overwhelmingly positive response from customers Bill Bailey, Clinical Director, expressed his gratitude and satisfaction with the survey results, commenting,

“We’re delighted with the feedback received from our valued NHS Trust customers. The high likelihood of our customers choosing RMS for their next outsourced diagnostic imaging contract is testimony to the trust and confidence they place in us.”

With a decade of experience, long-term contracts, and a loyal customer base, RMS continues to set high standards in the diagnostic imaging industry.

Find out more about RMS’s services here, which include solutions, support and staffing for Community Diagnostic Centres.