RMS Launch New Cardiac Cath Labs Service for the NHS

RMS, the scanning people, has launched a new service for NHS Trusts in need of Cardiac support.
RMS’s modular Cardiac Catheter Laboratories are a fully independent clinical space where minimally invasive cardiac procedures are performed. Specialist heart imaging technology is applied to understand blood flow to and from the heart and to check arteries and blood vessels.

Procedures that can be undertaken in the Cardiac Cath Labs include ablation, angiogram and angioplasty as well as the fitting of pacemakers and ICDs.

The modular Cardiac Cath Labs are fully equipped with specialist equipment and RMS manage the staffing of the unit with high quality radiographers and experienced cardiologists.

NHS waiting lists for diagnostic imaging have increased since the beginning of the pandemic, leaving Trusts looking for innovative solutions to help reduce waiting lists and to speed up patient diagnosis. In the latest stats from NHS England, there were over 1.1million people waiting for a diagnostic scan in February 2021, with over 338,000 waiting for a CT or MRI scan.

RMS work with many NHS Trusts across the UK to help reduce waiting lists for scans and to speed up subsequent patient diagnosis and treatment. Cardiac Cath Labs are an extension of their already existing and successful mobile and modular MR and CT units that are used at many Trusts across the UK.

Clinical Director Bill Bailey commented “Our Cardiac Cath labs feature the latest cardiac equipment to assist our cardiologists in carrying out minor cardiac surgery and diagnostics in a dedicated laboratory. We are pleased to provide this full service solution that includes the management of the Cardiac Cath labs and staffing with our experienced team of radiographers and cardiologists.”

Find out more about the services RMS offers here.