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Supporting a leading North West Trust with weekend MR scanning

Mobile, modular and in-house MRI and CT

At RMS we specialise in delivering unique diagnostic imaging solutions that work for the specific needs of our NHS clients; from ad hoc short-term support to multi-year fully managed contracts.

Working in partnership with a respected North West NHS Trust our current role is simply to help increase scanning capacity at weekends; an interim initiative that’s designed to significantly reduce MR waiting times.

Our core services include staffing support for CT, MR, and Ultrasound modalities, as well as bespoke radiology solutions. Our commitment to excellence and innovation in radiology ensures that we provide top-tier services that improve patient outcomes and operational efficiency.

RMS’s portfolio of radiology solutions are designed to meet the diverse needs of healthcare providers. Our innovative approach and dedication to patient care make us a trusted partner for NHS Trusts seeking to improve their diagnostic imaging services.

“This partnership reflects our mission to enhance radiology services across the healthcare sector. By reducing MR waiting times, we can ensure that patients receive the care they need more quickly, ultimately leading to better health outcomes.

William Bailey, Clinical Director

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