RMS expand their capabilities with an additional GE SIGNA Voyager Mobile with AIR Coils and AIR Recon.

GE Voyager MRI

Radiology Management Solutions (RMS) has expanded its capability and scanning accuracy with the addition of a GE SIGNA Voyager Mobile at one of its NHS Trust sites.

RMS has been working with NHS Trusts across England and North Wales for many years, providing high quality and patient focussed diagnostic solutions, that utilise in-house radiology capacity as well as providing additional in-sourced imaging solutions when required.

Bill Bailey RMS Clinical Director comments,

“RMS engage with NHS Trusts to innovatively reduce Radiology waiting lists, save money, and increase efficiency through the best utilisation of existing imaging resources. RMS also provide flexible, insourced diagnostic solutions to further reduce waiting lists through easily procured, fully staffed scanners and community-based imaging support”

Currently the RMS team are helping with additional capacity at one of the Northwest Hospitals. To facilitate this contract they are using a new GE SIGNA Voyager AIR Mobile. The mobile is equipped with the latest AIR technology from the AIR Coils to the AI Based Reconstruction engine. The new AIR Technology revolves around patient comfort and increased efficiency which are key areas that RMS can bring to the trust with a requirement to help reduce the waiting list as well as provide an exceptional patient experience.

GE SIGNA Voyager MRI Scanner

The system is not only equipped with the latest AIR Coil technology but also has the latest intelligent reconstruction algorithm AIR™ Recon built in, which will reduce scan times and further improve IQ without trade-off.

Chris Lennon, RMS Site Lead comments;

“The new GE Voyager Air Edition is clinically advanced – with clearer images and shorter scan times. The Air Recon technology means that patients are more comfortable during their scan and scans take less time. The resulting MR images are superior in quality and sharpness.”

This new technology will support the ongoing high standards that the RMS provide to its customers.

Bill Bailey comments;

“The team are really enjoying working with the new GE Voyager scanner with air recon. It’s simple to use and produces fantastic images by reducing background noise. This means faster scan times, increased patient throughput and superior image quality either by reducing the number of sequences minimising patient movement, or improved signal for similar scan times.”

To find out how RMS can help your NHS Trust reduce radiology waiting lists, get in touch here.