Over 1.4 million patients waiting for a key diagnostic imaging test

According to the latest figures published 10th February by NHS England, there were 1,445,000 patients waiting for a key diagnostic test at the end of December 2021. The number of patients waiting over the NHS operational standard of 6 weeks to receive a diagnostic test was 419,000 (29% of the total number of patients waiting).

Patients waiting for an MRI, CT or non-obstetric Ultrasound scan make up 64% of the total number of patients waiting for a diagnostic test.

In total 1,793,000 diagnostic tests were completed in December 2021, which was an increase from December 2020 of over 120,000.

MRI scans saw the largest increase in the proportion of patients waiting 6 weeks or more, increasing by 5.9% when compared to December 2020.

Clinical Director Bill Bailey commented on the current waiting lists for diagnostic imaging tests,

“The NHS is a fantastic institution that is over-worked and at capacity. Covid has impacted waiting lists and patients are waiting longer than ever to receive diagnostic tests and treatment. RMS is helping the NHS to manage waiting lists by adding in modular and mobile units where needed and expanding the opening times of radiology departments, staffing these with our team of highly experienced radiographers.”

RMS work with many NHS Trusts across the North West, Yorkshire and Wales to reduce radiology waiting lists and complete over 20,000 MR, CT and Ultrasound scans every month. Find out more about our services and read our 5-star reviews here, or contact us.

You can read the full NHS England report here.