Happy Customers Deliver Excellent Feedback for RMS

A recent patient survey by the scanning specialist, Radiology Management Solutions (RMS) has delivered excellent feedback on their new modular MRI service. A cohort of 20 patients were questioned on a new MRI Modular service for a leading North West Trust.

The questionnaire specifically asked about three key areas of RMS’s service delivery:

• Explanation of the MR procedure
• Quality of the care received
• Overall experience of the scan

Anonymous completion of the survey found that 95% of respondents rated RMS staff as excellent at explaining the procedure, and 100% of respondents all felt that the quality of care and overall experience was excellent.

Bill Bailey, Clinical Director commented on these results “We are delighted that our patients found the modular MRI experience to be so straightforward and completed to such a high standard. Our radiographers are highly experienced at putting people at ease and explaining the procedure, which can be daunting for many people. That all of the people asked rated their overall experience as excellent is very encouraging for our team as we grow our modular MR service to Trusts in the North West.

Some patient comments include “what a fantastic experience, I was so nervous, but the staff were fabulous, excellent service” and “5 stars/ 10/10”.

RMS will typically ensure that inhouse scanners are maximised before looking at mobile and modular options. If additional scanning resource is needed to help alleviate radiology waiting list the company has state-of-the-art modular MR and CT scanning units which can be located in outdoor space. The modular units are brand-new, spacious and low to the ground for ease of access.