Additional clinical services

We provide a range of services such as phlebotomy, fluoroscopy, patient bookings, reporting, Xray and cardiac.

Cardiac Catheter Labs

Cardiac Catheter Labs are a clinical space where minimally invasive cardiac procedures are performed, including ablation, angiogram and angioplasty as well as the fitting of pacemakers and ICDs.  

Our specialist heart imaging technology is used to understand blood flow to and from the heart and to check arteries and blood vessels.

RMS provide full staffing and support for the Cardiac Cath Labs, including highly experienced cardiologists. 

 Our Cardiac Cath Labs are state-of-the-art and can be easily installed in a car park or outdoor space on Trust grounds. The modular units include a changing and waiting area.

Cardiac Catheter Labs

Out team of highly experienced radiographers are accomplished at managing the Xray procedure. We can also provide plain film reporting services.

Patient bookings

We can provide a full patient booking service. Talk to us for further details about this service.

Clinical Services

Other clinical services

We tailor every solution to fit the unique needs of the NHS Trust that we work with. We provide a range of additional clinical services to complement our core offering, including:

  • Radiology Reporting
  • Fluoroscopy
  • Phlebotomy
  • Biochemistry
  • ECG
  • Echocardiology

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