A Trusted Partner for Short-Term Contracts and Interim Imaging Solutions

In today’s fast-paced healthcare environment, the demand for radiology services often fluctuates, leaving NHS Trusts facing challenges in managing their department resources effectively.

With over a decade of experience as a trusted supplier to the NHS, RMS specialise in providing interim solutions, helping NHS trusts to cope with staff shortages and reduce radiology waiting lists.

Immediate and Effective Resource Allocation

We understand the urgency of resource needs in radiology departments. Our short-term contracts and interim solutions quickly address staffing requirements, ensuring seamless operations during peak periods or while scanners are being upgraded. No need for lengthy contracts and agreements.

Mobile Unit Support

One of our key offerings is providing radiographers and clinical support workers for mobile units in scenarios where in-house upgrades are being made to an existing scanner. NHS Trusts can continue delivering crucial diagnostic imaging services through the mobile unit with support from our experienced professionals.

10 Years of NHS Trust Longevity

Trust and reputation are essential in the healthcare industry. We take pride in our ten years of service as a trusted supplier to NHS Trusts across the North West, Yorkshire and Wales. We have many long-term NHS clients who rely on our flexible and interim resource solutions.

Reducing Radiology Waiting Lists

At the core of our service is our ability to Help the NHS reduce radiology waiting lists, making sure that patients receive timely and accurate diagnoses.
We know that every NHS Trust’s radiology needs differ. Our short-term and interim solutions are tailored to accommodate the unique requirements of each Trust, ensuring optimal resource allocation.

Facilitating Long-Term Departmental Management

While providing immediate staffing support is often vital, we also evaluate the long-term view. We adopt a collaborative approach, working closely with NHS Trusts to understand their specific needs and challenges. This results in a personalised and effective radiology resource solution. Our objective is to help NHS Trusts develop the capability to manage their imaging departments independently and efficiently.

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